The city itself multifaceted, standing out due to its wide range of offers regarding theatre, movies, music and exhibitions the whole year round.

For those who love sports, there are competitions in the hippodrome of Maia Bassa, the thermal baths and of course the skiing area Merano 2000.

Botanic Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The botanic gardens in Merano include an area of 12 hectares: a jourey across the flora of our planet.

Therme Meran Meran

South Tyrol - Bolzano and the Dolomites

Bozen, town rich in contrasts with romantic narrow streets, arcades and picturesque squares. Southern ambience.

The town boasts a wide range of museums, theatres and city routes that serve to document its long-established cultural and historic tradition. For sure you know the most famous inhabitant of the town: the Otzi, preserved in the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum.

Die Schönheiten Südtirols Bozen

Nord Italy - Venice

Venice must be seen, the mysterious lagoon city is a dream on the water!

To get an idea, you have to experience the feeling of Venice for yourself. Venice has 118 islands, over 400 bridges and more than 160 canals. The most famous sights are St Mark's Square, St Mark's Church, Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal - with its palaces and bridges it is and remains the "most beautiful street in the world". Every Tuesday there is a bus trip over the "Val Sugana" to Venice with joint boat trip along the Canale Giudecca to St Mark's Square.